Main Pool

The main pool is a six lane, 25 meter pool that runs in depth from 3 feet to 8 feet. Diving is allowed in the main pool in designated areas. Lane lines may be installed (upon request) at certain hours to allow swimmers to swim laps. The main pool was completely resurfaced in 2001, including sandblasting, replacing the top tiles, tiling the lane lines and markers and replastering the entire pool surface. Regular annual maintenance keeps the pool truly looking great.

Diving / Sliding Pool

The dive pool is 12 foot deep and approximately 30 ft square. It features a 1-meter diving board, a 3-meter diving board (under refurbishment), and a tube slide! This unique setup (a completely separate pool) allows for very safe and controlled water fun. The diving pool is also occasionally used for water polo games, particularly the annual lifeguards-vs.-parents grudge match every July 4th.

Kids' Pool

The baby/toddler wading pool is approximately 30 ft by 8 ft. A full fence surrounding the pool was installed in 2001, and the entire pool was completely renovated and resurfaced in 2006, including installation of a separate filtration system.

Shower /  Changing Rooms

Our restrooms also house a baby changing table, a shower and enclosed dressing stalls.

Snack Bar / Pavilion

Our snack bar has undergone a few management changes over the past few years. We settled on a successful use of our facility this summer. Everything was $1.00! It was staffed for 15 minutes each hour, but you could get something at any time by stopping by the manager's desk. It was open from club opening until club closing selling drinks, candy, snacks, and cold treats! Every Friday night could find families dining under our pavilion with our popular Friday Pizza Night at the club.

The Hill

Our new, huge patio deck, opened in 2012, overlooks the pools and the playground, making it perfect for parents as well as sunbathers. The deck is a perfect place for a party this summer! On the hill is a large tree-shaded playground area featuring picnic tables, swings, a big climbing clubhouse, basketball and tetherball.