The Raccoon Valley Masked Bandits are a charter member of the Suburban Swim Association of South Jersey, an 18-team league spanning six counties and divided into three six-team divisions: Olympic, National, and American.  We're proud to be competitive against some of the strongest summer swim programs in South Jersey.  But more significantly, our coaching staff and parents stress personal improvement and team spirit as much as winning.

 We'll be back in the National Division for 2018, looking for another championship and to return to the Olympic. But the most important part of our 2018 season is the hosting of the Suburban League Championships! We cannot wait for this event and look forward to sharing our swimming spirit with the League.


Annual Events and Traditions

Dual meets are held on Saturday mornings from 8am to noon, and very occasionally on Wednesday evenings; we swim five each year.  Next comes the popular "Peach Bowl" – a friendly but fiercely contested all-star meet pitting the eight competitive summer swim clubs in Gloucester County from both the Suburban and Tri-County Leagues.  The season ends in late July at the Suburban League Championships. The team also hosts a number of special events and just-for-fun evenings along the way, such as our Photo Day Pancake Breakfast, a mid-season Taco Night, an Ice Cream Social party, and a season-ending Awards Banquet.  (Just please don't ask about the annual Speedo Run through town.)

2018 Swim Schedule

Swim Team Practices begin on Tuesday, May 29th at 2:45. The swim team parent's group will be in touch with specific practice group times. But generally the 13 and older kids practice at 2:45 with other groups starting later. Morning practices start Monday, June 18th.

Coaches will inform the team when to arrive for the various events. All meets start at 9AM (unless otherwise specific below), but arrival time depends upon whether the meet is at RVSC or at another facility!

June 9 - Time Trials, 8AM

June 15 - Time Trials Make-up, 5PM

June 23rd - Lake Kandle

June 30th - @ Collingswood

July 7th - Peachwood

July 14 - Tarnsfield

July 21 - Gloucester

July 24 - Peach Bowl

Looking for our Swim Photos site?  That's at

How To Join

The swim team is open to members who are 18 or younger as of June 18th.  You don't need to be a great swimmer to join.  If you can swim two laps of a 25-meter pool and tread water for two minutes, you're good to go (and if you can't, our Lane One program will help you get there!)  You'll become a stronger swimmer, stay in great shape for your fall and winter sports, participate in many enjoyable swim team activities, make new friends, and have lots of fun.

Swimming teaches children the value of hard work, patience, persistence, and teamwork.  It is also truly the most rewarding and egalitarian of youth sports.  In a summer swim meet, all age groups are treated equally, and every event is worth the same number of points to the team whether the swimmers are 8 years old or 18.  Also, and unlike with most sports today, every award a swimmer receives is earned, not granted, either by competing in an official event or by dropping one's personal best time.

If you're an RVSC member and would like to join, please contact us for more information.  Our annual team signup night is usually held in early May and is announced on the web site.  Below you can download our most recent registration form (2018 registration information coming soon), and also our really useful Swim Meet 101 guide for new swim team parents.

Contact Us

For swim team information please contact us at