Trivia Night at the Valley

Do you know for what two films Tom Hanks won a Best Actor Oscar?  How about the first Major League Baseball player to have his number retired?  The capital of Australia?  The nearest Wawa to RVSC?

If so (and even if not), we have an event for you.  Every summer, Raccoon Valley hosts a series of Trivia Nights at the club!  These are always a lot of fun, with a chance to socialize with your fellow members and maybe win some great prizes.  It's $5 per team to enter (plus an extra $2 for the third and subsequent players on a team).  Each night's winning team takes home 50% of the entry fees, and the overall winner at the end of the summer gets a package of gift certificates to local businesses.

Trivia Nights are usually Fridays or Saturdays starting at 8pm.  Remember, the pool is open until 9 on Fridays in July, so adults can argue over whether the capital of Australia is Sydney or Melbourne (hint: it's neither) while the kids play in the pool.  Or, the kids can join your team and nail the Australia question while scolding you for not remembering anything from 5th grade social studies class.  Bring your own snacks and beverages (but remember, positively NO glass on club property!)

The schedule is posted on our Club Calendar at the beginning of every summer. 2018 Calendar update available shortly!

Hope to see you at Trivia Night this summer.  smiley

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(Answers:  "Philadelphia" and "Forrest Gump"....Lou Gehrig....Canberra....and, the one on 322 by Rt. 55.)